Need to shake up your bartending game? We would like to introduce you to our favorite cocktail garnish.... freeze-dried limes! We put them in everything from our water and iced tea to our Gin & Tonics and Margaritas. Seriously, you have to try them to believe the flavor!NET WT 1.5OZ- Freeze dried at ideal ripeness which removes water, but preserves the raw nutrients, freshness, and flavor of your favorite fruit- Ready to eat, no need to rehydrate- No added sweeteners or preservatives- Great source of vitamins, enzymes, and antioxidants. Especially rich in vitamin C- Excellent addition to drinks, cocktails, desserts, smoothies, and home recipes- Proudly made in the USA
-Veteran and Family-Owned Company
  • Ingredients and Allergens

    Ingredients: Fresh lime

    Allergens: Produced in a facility that also produces peanuts, milk, soy, wheat gluten, egg, meat, & tree nut ingredients

  • Preparation and Storage

    Directions: Ready to eat. No re-hydration necessary

    Storage Instructions: 25 Year shelf life

  • Bulk/ Wholesale Ordering

    Bulk and wholesale ordering available upon request. Please call 636-295-6762 for more information.