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   Welcome to our family   

Veteran Dry Goods is a veteran family-owned business based out of Saint Louis, Missouri. Husband and wife team of Miguel and Shannon De Bourg created Veteran Dry Goods in early 2019 as a way to provide nutritious, convenient foods to other families and their pets.


While they come from much different places (Miguel from the capital of Venezuela, Shannon from a farm in mid-Missouri), they share a love of adventure, animals, and delicious food. Miguel joined the United States Marine Corps not long after coming to the US almost twenty years ago. He and Shannon prioritize supporting other veterans as well as local farmers and growers. They have a horse, Grace, and two rescue dogs, Petey and Lola, who assist in taste testing and quality control of VDG's pet treats. 

At Veteran Dry Goods we select our ingredients from local markets and growers whenever possible. Even our pet treats are made from human grade ingredients, because we believe that all of our family members should receive nutritious, high quality foods.


We freeze-dry our foods at the height of freshness and never add any sweeteners, preservatives, artificial flavors or coloring ensuring that you and your pet receive pure, nutritious foods that you can feel good about eating. Whether you use our foods for camping and hiking, emergency preparedness, or just as an extra snack to supplement your diet, we feel confident that you will be able to taste the difference that Veteran Dry Goods makes. Welcome to our family- we are happy to have you! 

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