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Welcome To Veteran Dry Goods

We believe that foods are best on their own, which is why we never add preservatives or flavors to any of our products-

we specialize in pure, natural fuel for you and your family (including your pets, obviously).


We utilize ingredients from local markets and growers whenever possible. This allows us to provide the most fresh and nutrient-rich foods to you and your family. Even our Four-Legged Treats are made from only human-grade products, meaning that their foods come from the same local markets and growers as our own.


We believe in feeding our loved ones the most nutritious and natural foods possible- welcome to the family!

Why Freeze Dry

At Veteran Dry Goods we start with the highest quality products. We send them through our gentle freeze-drying process, locking in their natural flavor and nutrients while removing the weight of water. By utilizing locally sourced ingredients whenever possible and refusing to add any artificial colors or flavors, we are able to ensure that you and your family receive the most naturally delicious snacks available. 

  • Foods maintain their original flavor, shape, and color

  • Foods better retain their nutritional value

  • Foods are condensed, taking up less space

  • With all of the water extracted, foods become extremely lightweight and easy to transport

  • Shelf life of foods are extended up to 25 years

Small Batch

Limited quantities of some of the freshest, most unique flavors we can get our hands on.

I love Veteran Dry Goods! I was constantly on the search for a healthy natural snack with no preservatives or additives.The dog options also give us a fun and easy way to store nutritional treats for long road trips, camping, and hikes.
It is DEFINITELY a game changer!

Eleni M.

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